Welcome to Solomon Power

Message from the CEO

Pradip Verma
CEO Solomon Power

Welcome to our website. Please take the time to go through our programmes and information on safety on our website. We would very much appreciate and welcome any comments and suggestions.

Solomon Power is all about Nation building. We are working with our stakeholders to increase the footprint of the electricity network and make electricity accessible and affordable to more people in Solomon Islands.

The four key challenges for Solomon Power in the future are effective and efficient delivery of the SBD 1 Billion capital programme, development and sustenance of human capital, increasing the footprint of the electricity network and to offer electricity at lower prices.

We are conscious of the high cost of electricity in Solomon Islands due to our heavy reliance on diesel and are therefore actively working with all our stakeholders to pursue initiatives to bring down the price of electricity. We hope the renewable energy proposals on the table, on completion, will assist Solomon Power to reduce the price of electricity.

Our cost of service and tariff are under review, the outcome of which will provide certainty to us on our revenue streams for the foreseeable future and offer a fairer tariff to our esteemed customers.

Much has been achieved in the last four years. However, a lot still needs to be done and we cannot rest on our laurels. The future will bring in more challenges. However, we are very confident that Solomon Power will continue on its charted path to improve the reliability of electricity supply and make it accessible to more Solomon Islanders.“

Pradip Verma,
CEO of Solomon Power