Tina River Transmission System – 66kV Transmission Lines

Tina River Hydropower Development Project (TRHDP) is one of the flagship project and is of national significance aiming to generate a total of 15MW capacity that will be transmitted to the Honiara Grid. TRHDP consisted of four (4) different components namely; Component 1 – Hydropower Facility, Component 2 – Access Roads, Component 3 – Transmission Lines (TL) and Component 4 – Technical Assistance. Solomon Islands Electricity Authority Trading as Solomon Power (SIEA/SP) is responsible for the entire implementation of Component 3. The TL project is funded by the Australian Government through Australia Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific (AIFFP) and Export Finance Australia (EFA).

Within this financing arrangements SP is the implementing entity to deliver Component 3. To properly manage this project and as a requirement within the Project Administration Manual, SP has formally set up an internal Project Management Unit (PMU) who will be supported by external experts to implement from development stage, execution, testing, commissioning, close out of the project as far as own and operate.

While the Transmission Lines will transmit electricity generated from the Tina Hydropower Facility to existing Lungga Power Station, it will be constructed approximately over a 22km span. The Transmission Lines will transmit a total of 66000 volts and once built it will be the highest rated electricity voltage in history that SP will operate.

SP has a very strong commitment for this project and is one of the key stakeholders for the TRHDP who has signed since 2018 a Power Purchase Agreement with Tina Hydropower Limited (i.e. Developer). Not to mention but SP’s role is to ensure that electricity through this TRHDP scheme is affordable in support to achieving the both SP’s and SIG’s vision in boosting its renewable energy roadmap.


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