About Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (trading as Solomon Power)


Who we are
Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) trading as Solomon Power (SP) is a State Owned Enterprise.
Our objectives

Under Section 4 of the State Owned Enterprises Act, the principal objective of the Company is ‘operate as a successful business’, and to this end, be:

  • As profitable and efficient as comparable businesses that are not owned by the Crown.
  • A good employer.
  • An organisation that exhibits a sense of social responsibility by having regard to the interests of the community in which it operates.
    To meet these objectives, SP strives to be as profitable and efficient as comparable businesses by:
  • Within the Electricity and State Owned Enterprises Acts, installing, operating and maintaining electricity supply systems that meet the needs of connected customers.
  • Developing and implementing capital investment plans, to improve electricity system performance and increase the network coverage of agreed areas.
  • Seeking to recover efficient costs of the service provision.
  • Improving the efficiency of services, whilst improving asset reliability and availability.


Be a good employer by

  • Maintaining a well-qualified and motivated staff.
  • Adopting HR policies that treat employees fairly and properly in all aspects of recruitment, retention and employment.
  • Promoting a high level of safety throughout the organisation.
  • Act in a socially responsible manner by:
  • Building effective relationships with landowners, customer groups and interest groups that are affected by our activities.
  • Improving environmental reporting and performance on issues that are caused by our electricity supply activities.
  • Incorporating sustainability into our business activities, and working to improve sustainable outcomes in terms of resource management.
    Nature and scope of our activities
    SP’s principal commercial activities, as defined under the Electricity Act, are the
  • Generation and distribution of electrical supply to connected customers in approved areas,
  • Operation, maintenance and development of assets that are necessary to achieve these outcomes on a long term, sustainable basis,
  • Approved expansion of services to increased areas of operation.
    Other regulatory functions


The Company is also mandated by the Electricity Act to perform the following regulatory functions:

  • Be responsible for the registration of Electrical Contractors.
  • Ensure that industries and contractors comply with the Electricity Act and the AS/NZS Wiring Standards, by inspecting all electrical installations before connecting to SP mains.
  • Be responsible for the licensing of standby generators, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Cogeneration of power.

2022 Highlights

  • Sustained the reliability of power supply in Honiara and the Outstations
  • Sustained G-1 operation in Honiara and Outstations.
  • Completed major overhauls of the four MAN Diesel Generators.
  • Commenced Crane Systems Upgrade Project for Lungga Power Station.
  • Commenced Diesel Generator Upgrade Project for Honiara Power System
  • Implemented the SP Corporate Strategy 2022 – 2027.
  • For Tina River Hydropower Project
    • All detailed designs for both Transmission Lines and Lungga Gantry has been completed and initiate implementation for procurement of Consultants and Infrastructure Works Contract.
    • SIEA has received a consolidated claim for costs and time delays under the Power Purchase Agreement since 2020 till 2022 from Tina Hydropower Limited which now allows SIEA to commence its assessment and be able to land to a claim settlement anticipated for first half of 2023.
    • Completed Tina 11kV/415V network extension under Community Benefit Sharing Program.
  • The Output Based Aid (OBA) Programme continued under the Solomon Islands Electricity Access & Renewable Energy Expansion Project (SIEAREEP) with 369 additional OBA customers connected and energised in 2022. Total of 2,563 customers have been connected under the SIEAREEP program. As at end of 2022 there are 5001 OBA customers.
  • 11kV/415V line network extensions were completed in Tina and Henderson Fighter 1, in Guadalcanal Province, Jericho 2, Nine Ridge, Forest Valley, Lungga, TingeHatanga, Tavagalo, Tasahe in Honiara, Namobaula, Kilufi, Kwainaketo, in Malaita Province, Noro NFD and Buala Munda in Western Province & Supizae in Choiseul Province.
  • Increase our customer base by 4% to 25,457.
  • Partially commissioned Kirakira, Tulagi and Munda Solar Hybrid Projects.
  • Completed Honiara Power Station Site Upgrade Project.
  • Completed Buala Hydro fore bay Repair Project.
  • Launched the JICA Renewable Energy Roadmap with MMERE for 100% renewable energy in Honiara by 2030.
  • Established a Business Development Unit to look into other revenue opportunities for Solomon Power.
  • Solomon Power Offices
    • Completed and opened Noro Office.
    • Relocated from office space at Hyundai Mall to Anthony Saru Building.
    • Continued with construction of office building at Lata.
    • Continued with land acquisition for Auki office.
  • Implemented SP Covid-19 Policy.
  • Continued with the $1m Sponsorship of the Solomon Islands Football Federation’s “Iumi Play Program”.
  • Continued our focus on safety, nurturing and mentoring of staff.
  • Continued the apprenticeship & succession planning activities.

Plans 2023

  • Further improvement in the reliability of electricity supply in Honiara and at the Outstations.
  • Sustain G-1 operation in Honiara and at the Outstations.
  • Further efforts in addressing Electrical Losses in the Power Systems.
  • Implement New Diesel Generation Project for Lungga Power Station.
  • Progress Old Lungga Electrical Upgrade Project.
  • Progress Crane Upgrade Project for Lungga Power Station & the Workshop Building.
  • Progress and commission Vara Creek 11kV relocation works.
  • Implement Vegetation Management project for Honiara.
  • Implement Pole Inspections Program which includes defect identification and elimination.
  • Implement Scheduled major overhauls of L7 Wartsila and L10 Niigata generators.
  • Commence L9 Mitsubishi generator main alternator repairs assessments.
  • For Tina River Hydro Project.
    • Connect 141 households under the Community Benefit Sharing Program.
    • Closing three (3) remaining Conditions Precedent, implement procurement of Consultants and Infrastructure Works Contract for 66kV Transmission Lines; and
    • Continuous stakeholder engagement with SIG, Lenders and THL to address project constraints to enable start of construction of Hydropower Facility and Access Roads.
  • Progress with the following Renewable Energy Projects.
    • Solar Hybrid conversions at Kirakira, Lata, Malu’u, Munda and Tulagi.
    • Mini-grids at Hauhui, Namugha, Sasamunga and Vonunu.
    • Contract award, detailed design & installations for Tanagai 1 MW Solar Farm.
    • Contract award, detailed design & installations for five (5) Mini-Grid at Baolo, Bina, Dala, Tigoa and Visale project.
    • Detailed design & installations of 2 MW Solar Farm at Henderson.
    • Detailed design & installations of 220kW rooftop Solar Farm at Ranadi Head Office building.
  • Progress with constructions of Sixteen (16) network extensions in Honiara & in the Provinces.
  • Progress with OPGW & ADSS SCADA Project.
  • Progress with Green Village – Building Works (Site Prep, Groundworks, Bulk Filling & Compaction, Retaining Walls, Fences and Gates).
  • Commissioning of Kukum Highway Upgrade Project Phase II.
  • Commissioning of Buala Power Station Civil upgrade Project.
  • Commissioning of Buala Electrical Upgrade Project.
  • Commissioning of a Data Centre, Control Centre, and Call Centre Building at Lungga Power Station.
  • Commissioning of a substation enclosure for East Honiara Substation.
  • Detailed design & installations of Honiara SCADA project.
  • Develop more new network extensions in Honiara and at the Outstations.
  • Solomon Power Offices.
    • Complete and open office at Lata.
    • Land acquisition for Auki office and commence construction.
  • Continue focus on safety, training, nurturing and mentoring.
  • Continue with apprenticeship and succession planning activities.