It is dangerous if you have trees on your property that are growing close to power lines. During storms these trees could fall onto power lines and cause breakages and falling of poles and lines. If you notice any trees touching or close to power lines, please call Solomon Power and we will send a team to trim the branches to a safe distance from the lines.

Your safety is important to us as our motto reflects, “Always Safe”

Please follow these instructions for the safety of your family and community.

  1. Check the trees on your property and call Solomon Power on 166 to trim branches away from overhead power lines before a storm.
  2. Turn off and unplug electrical appliances at the power point to avoid electrical damage.
  3. Immediately call 166 or 167 to report any fallen power lines.
  4. Don’t try to clear tree branches or other storm debris until the power is disconnected or power lines are repaired. Solomon Power will let you know.
  5. Have torches and batteries on standby as power supply may be interrupted during heavy down pours and strong winds for long periods.
  6. Avoid going outside until the storm passes.