Types of Meters

Types of Meters

Solomon Power currently installs 2 types of meters, kW meter and Cashpower meter. Kilowatt meters are installed for postpaid accounts while Cashpower meters are installed for prepaid accounts. Solomon Power is currently replacing normal kilowatt meters with Smarter Meters for commercial and industrial customers in Honiara:

1. Conventional kW Meter

This meter is installed for post-paid accounts and is read every month. Customers using this meter receive their monthly bills and are required to pay their bills when due. This meter can be disconnected when customers fail to pay for their electricity bills on time. This meter is mostly used for commercial and industrial premises.

kW meter

2. Cashpower Meter

This meter is pre-paid and does not require monthly meter readings. Upon every purchase of electricity, a token is produced which is keyed onto the meter which brings the power on. This is a very convenient and economical way of using power.

Purchase of Cashpower can be made over the counter in any of our locations during office hours, or via mobile top up which is available 24/7

Cashpower meter and how it works

3. Smart Meter

Using state of the art equipment, these new meters are able to generate automated readings and data transfers daily to the Solomon Power billing system. This eliminates the necessity of Meter Technicians having to make visits on site to read the meters and ensure meters are promptly read each month.

Year to date 30 August 2017 we have installed and commissioned 400 Smart meters in Honiara with remote connectivity to our head office at Ranadi. We are now able to remotely monitor, interrogate these meters and are also able to disconnect and re-connect the associated customers remotely.

This new system of metering operates just like the Post-paid meters, whereby the customer receives their invoices at the end of each month. Once the invoice for the month is sent/received, our customers are provided with 30 days thereafter to make payments and to ensure the continuation of their service.

The new system will improve information on customer’s electricity supply that will enable Solomon Power to improve and expand services to customers.