Unplanned Outages

A power outage is when the electricity supply is disrupted; like when the lights go out and all electrical equipment suddenly stops. There are many reasons why unplanned outages occur. A tree falling on a power line during a storm for example will cause an outage in that area. If an outage occurs, please follow these instructions to ensure power is restored to your home and or business as soon as possible.

What to do when there’s a power outage.

  • Where possible check if the outage is affecting your neighbours. If it is just affecting your home it may be an electrical fault with your wiring.
  • Turn off all electrical appliances and equipment that are on at the time of outage e.g. TV, Computers, Fans, Refrigerators and so on.
  • Call Solomon Power to inform of the outage on phone: 166/167
  • Listen to the radio for further updates
  • Only turn on your power again when the power is fully restored.