Broken Powerlines

Storms and tree growth knock down power lines. Whether you see a fallen broken power line near your home, on the road or in a field, do not touch it and do not approach it.  Always assume fallen power lines are live.  If you touch a fallen power line or approach close to it you may receive an electric shock and be seriously injured or electrocuted.

  1. If you see a broken power line, call Solomon Power immediately, on 166/167 and wait for Solomon Power staff to come.
  2. Stay well away from the broken line and advise other people to keep away as well.
  3. Switch off your electrical appliances and equipment until power is restored.
  4. If a power line lands on your vehicle, stay in the vehicle until emergency responders arrive. Exiting a vehicle in contact with a live power line is extremely dangerous. If you remain in your vehicle, no one should approach or touch the vehicle until the all clear has been given by Solomon Power.