Land Consultancy Services

“Land Consultancy Services”

Solomon Islands Electricity Authority trading as Solomon Power has an ambitious Capital Works program and has been investing in a number of projects where land is one of the critical components for the successful outcome of these projects.

These projects are part of the Solomon Power’s 2016-2021 Strategic Development Plan and are to provide safe, reliable and affordable supply of electricity in Solomon Islands. The projects will involves the extension of the existing networks and building new mini-grids at the various provincial locations.

Hence, as part of these strategic projects, the acquisition of land is one of the key requirements that must be effectively carried out in order to progress these important projects to completion.

Solomon Power (SP) is hereby inviting land consultancy firm(s) or individuals for proposals for land consultancy services project.

The land consultancy services work will include but not limited to lease negotiations, lease arrangements, land registrations, land surveys, land valuations and regular follow ups with the Ministry of Land, Housing and Survey Office and submission of progressive reports to Solomon Power.

Note that the consultancy services are in two separate lots as follows:

Lot 1: Customary Land Acquisition and Land Lease Negotiation for Registration (Project No: SP-HONOUT-CA-0216) and;

Lot 2: Facilitation for the registration of all unregistered and newly acquired lands, including transfer of land titles as required (Project No: SP-HONOUT-LTR-0616)

Note that proposals are to be submitted in two separate lots and are to be labeled “Lot 1” and “Lot 2”. Each bidder may submit a proposal for either or both lots. Furthermore, technical and financial proposals for each lot are to be submitted in separate envelopes and are to be labeled “Technical Proposal” and “Financial Proposal”.

A compulsory pre-proposal meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th July at 9.30am, at the Solomon Power Head Office, Ranadi with interested bidders. Note that proposals from bidders who did not attend the pre-proposal meeting of Tuesday 19th July 2016 will not be accepted for evaluation.

Copy of the Terms of References (TOR) may be obtained from Dalton Maesia, Solomon Power, Head Office, Ranadi from 8.00 am to 4.30pm, Mondays to Fridays.

The Proposals must be delivered in a sealed envelopes addressed to the General Manager Corporate Services, Solomon Power, Ranadi Head office, P.O Box 6, Honiara on or before 29th July 2016 at 2.00pm.

Opening of the Technical Proposals will be at the Solomon Power Head Office at Ranadi on 29th July 2016 at 3.00pm. Bidders or their nominated representatives are invited to attend the opening.

All queries related to the Request for Proposal are to be directed to the Manager Land and Building, Dalton Maesia, on telephone 38030, or via email address