Tender May 2016

SOLOMON POWER invites tenders from interested parties for the provision of professional Security Services at its Headquarters in Ranadi, Honiara Power Station, Lunga Power Station, Henderson Solar Farm and Hyundai Mall Office.

Solomon Power is keen to identify a reliable security contractor accredited with the relevant authorities to carry out these activities on behalf of Solomon Power.

The Tender Document is available with Mr. Robin Simpson, Manager Health Safety and Environment, on telephone 30980. Submissions must be in the format specified in the Tender Document.

Site Inspection is scheduled for 10.00am, Friday 06th May 2016 to be coordinated by Mr. Frenold Walter, Safety Officer available on telephone 38030.

Interested parties are to submit a written tender in a sealed envelope marked:

“Security Services”

The Chief Executive Officer
Solomon Islands Electricity Authority T/A Solomon Power
P O Box 6
Attn: General Manager Corporate Services

And delivered to:
Tender Box
Solomon Power
Headquarters, Ranadi.

Closing date is 10.00am Friday 13th May 2016.
Any submissions received after 10.00am Friday 13th May 2016 or in the incorrect format cannot be considered. Thank you for your interest.