Application for Service

Application for Service

Application for service is done on the New Connection Form and can be for the following services:

  • Temporary Supply
  • New Connection to a building
  • Separation
  • Additional Wiring
  • Alteration of Wiring
  • Standby Generation
  • Solar PV Grid Connect
  • Relocation of Service Line
  • Relocation of Meter


For new connections, the following documents are required to be attached:

  • Proof of ownership of the property along with:
    • FTE Title (Fixed Term Estate) / Parcel Number of the property
    • Location map showing the property, with the property clearly marked on the map.
  • Copy of approved Town Council building plan.
  • Proof of identity in the form of a valid passport photo, driver’s license, NPF card or photo ID card, or a statutory declaration signed by a Commissioner of Oath verifying the applicant’s identity where no photo ID is available.
  • Consent letter from adjoining land owner for land access across their property for Solomon Power poles and lines.
  • Consent letter from 50% of the land-owning tribe if the land is tribally owned.
  • For commercial installation:
    • Copy of business or company registration certificate for commercial installation.
    • Name and details of the contact person for the company.
    • Company seal or rubber stamp to be affixed to the application form.
    • Type of Building:
      • Multi commercial building (1 to 6 level)
      • Hotel/Motel/Rest House/Lodge/Accommodation
      • Workshop/ Garage
  • Name of licensed Solomon Power electrical contractor for the house wiring.
  • Type of Meter:
    • Conventional kWh Meter
    • Cashpower Meter


Applications without the above information will not be processed.