Cost of Wiring

Cost of Wiring

All costs for wiring of the house for normal Cashpower and kilowatt connection is charged to the customer by the Licensed Electrical Contractor. Under the OBA program, there is no cost to the customer for house wiring.

Cost of Supply Line

The cost for installing the service line will be as per quotation provided by Solomon Power. Under OBA connection, there is no cost to the customer for supply line, except where the supply line is more than 80 metres in length where the customer will pay for the additional cost.

Cost of Installing Meter

  • Kilowatt Meter – there is no installation cost, however a Refundable Security Deposit of $6,000.00 for commercial and $3,000.00 for domestic installation applies.
  • Cashpower -Installation cost is $800.00 for normal connection, and $200 for OBA.