Message from the CEO

Welcome to our website. Please take the time to go through our programs and information on safety on our website. We would very much appreciate and welcome any comments and suggestions.

Solomon Power is going Green. On 6th December 2018 we signed the Power Purchase Agreement for the 15 MW Tina River Hydropower Project in Guadalcanal Province. The hydropower plant is scheduled to be commissioned in June 2024 and this together with the existing Solar Plants in Honiara and environs and the proposed solar farm projects in progress will enable us to reduce our diesel consumption in Honiara by 70% in comparison with the current usage. Additionally, we have signed a contract to convert the existing diesel stations at Kirakira, Lata, Malu’u, Munda and Tulagi to hybrid (solar, battery and diesel back up). Furthermore, very soon we will be signing a contract for hybrid systems at new sites; Hauhui, Namugha, Sasamunga and Vonunu.

There are other such Green proposals at different stages of development on the table and you all will continue to receive the good news through our website and other media outlets.

The Output Based Aid (OBA) programme has gained momentum and through this we are already embracing many new customers. The 11 kV and 415 V network extensions in Honiara and at the outstations is improving accessibility and complements the OBA. As at 31 December 2018 we have already connected 1160 customers at Auki, Honiara, Seghe and Taro under the OBA programme.

The reliability of electricity supply at Honiara has improved with no load shedding experienced in 2018. At the Outstations too the customers have experienced improvement in the reliability of power supply.
We have commenced the Apprenticeship Programme with an initial intake of ten apprentices. Late last year the Board also approved a Line Mechanic Trainee programme to commence in 2019.

We are reaching out to our customers through our various programs and the awareness sessions regarding the OBA. The 166 emergency telephone is now manned 24/7 and will enable better service to our customers and the general public.

Solomon Power is all about Nation building. We are working with our stakeholders to increase the footprint of the electricity network and make electricity accessible and affordable to more people in Solomon Islands.

Pradip Verma,
CEO of Solomon Power